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UBB Ultimate Bubble Balls

Suit up and Play Bubble Ball Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a team sport with the X-Factor of MEGA-fun infused in every bounce, hop and collision! If you thought moon bounces and bouncy castles were fun, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE taking it to the next level with organized events provided by Ultimate Bubble Balls of Tooele, UT.


The History of This Amazing Sport


From the dawn of time, humans have sought to understand the nature of the world around them. This has led to an amazing array of inventive advances that utilize spheres and circles. We’re talking the Wheel, the pizza pie, the donut, records – the list goes on and on! But never before in the whole of human existence has something this big, this round, this amazing been conceived! Bubble Ball Soccer, where your spirit, endurance and skill will be tested in an all out brawl of BOUNCE or BE BOUNCED!


Stop for a moment and consider Newton’s Laws of Motion. Every single one of them is in play during a hotly contested bout of Bubble Ball Soccer:


  • Law 1 – Objects are in motion and the game pretty much requires them to STAY in motion!
  • Law 2 – Force does indeed equal mass times acceleration. Force is brought to bear in every aspect of the competition. So you need to run. You need to bounce. You need to barrel your bubble into other bubbles.
  • Law 3 – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! This is the core of Bubble Ball Soccer and why this bouncy battle royale is the bee's knees! You toss a bubble-encased being directly at another bubble head and BOOM! Force intervenes and each action has its requisite reaction.


Newtonian physics never looked so cool!


So Where Did Bubble Ball Soccer Come From?


That’s the most amazing thing about Bubble Ball Soccer. Its origins are steeped in mystery. There’s tell of it originating in Auckland, New Zealand, where the company Zorba first invented the bubble suit in the 1990s. But then there are some theorists who postulate that the sport originated in Norway of all places – where some bored Norwegians combined their love of soccer with a distinct desire to crash into each other, bouncing all around. And still there’s other highly respected Bubble Ball Soccer Historians who claim the sport originated in the same birthplace as soccer itself, merry old England.


To date, the bubble suit technicians and expert bubble ball soccer staff at Ultimate Bubble Balls have been unable to verify the veracity of any of these three claims. We’re happy to leave this air of mystery clinging to this amazing sport and just go with the main idea that humanity is better served for having this sport invented, no matter where it spawned!

How Ultimate Bubble Balls Came to Be

Marc Vickers, the owner of Ultimate Bubble Balls, was a physical education teacher in Tooele, UT. He’d been looking for a new idea, something bold and vivacious that would allow him to incorporate fun and healthy activity together in an exciting new format. Then he encountered the bubble suit at a summer camp and inspiration struck. He leapt at the opportunity to bring this fun sport and amazing new activity to the Salt Lake City area.


Ultimate Bubble Balls, the harbinger of fun and provider of Bubble Ball Soccer was born! Marc’s background in PE helps him oversee the implementation of the bubble suit into the variety of sports, games and activities that Ultimate Bubble Balls organizes. He trains the staff to help teach rules and safety, organize tournament play, and bring structure to the chaos on the field when the balls really get bouncing.


The fun is infectious and Marc’s seen this grow in popularity so fast. People feel the unbridled rush and fun of being a kid again and the physical activity is intense giving everyone a fun filled day that’s great for their spirit and their body. 

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