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UBB Ultimate Bubble Balls

Play Bubble Ball Soccer, Bumper Ball and More in Salt Lake City, UT


Are you ready to get your bubble bounce on and become a hardcore bubble head? Then let’s get you suited up and ready to play Ultimate Bubble Ball soccer – or any of the other amazing activities Ultimate Bubble Balls plans and provides. 

Here’s the full list of amazing outdoor and indoor activities that you can play while harnessing the fun and fury of a fully operational Ultimate Bubble Balls BUBBLE SUIT:


  • Soccer – Just like the Beautiful Game, only way more fun and bouncy.
  • Football – Not to be confused with English football (see above), this is the American pastime that vaulted stars like Johnny Unitas and Brett Favre to celebrity status, only here you play it with bubbles instead of pads!
  • Red Rover –The classic children’s game given a rounder, bouncier ball-shaped boost!
  • Sharks & Minnows – For once the minnows have a fighting chance! Bubble up and bop that shark on its nose!
  • Last Man Standing – Channel your inner Highlander (there can be only ONE!) and conquer all who get in your way in this Ultimate Bubble Balls version of acting out the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny! 

Get Bubbled Up and Start Bumping


The Suit! Everyone wants to know about the suit!


Is it safe? Yes, absolutely. With a little bit of training and education, as well as some safety documentation provided by our expert staff, Ultimate Bubble Balls will guide you in the ways of safely harnessing the kinetic power of the bubble suit.


You can bounce, fall, and bump without feeling a thing other than the pure joy of physics in motion.


What’s it like? You’re strapped into the bubble like a backpack. You’re covered in its buoyant and protective embrace from just above the knees. Once it’s locked into place you then have your own personal force field. Once you’re bubbled up you’re raring to go. Just run at someone, or the ball, and feel the freedom!


For more information about our prices, visit this page. And then sign up and get ready to bounce!

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