UBB Ultimate Bubble Balls
UBB Ultimate Bubble Balls

Safety is the Number One Priority in Bubble Ball Sports

My Ultimate Bubble Balls is designed to provide a safe environment for our customers to participate in the amazing and fun activity of bubble ball sports.


Here are the waiver documents we require you to review and sign for us:

Tournament Waiver
Waiver and Release Form
Tournament_waiver[1] (2) revised.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.9 KB]
Tournament Waiver for Minors
Waiver and Release Form
Tournament_Waiver_for_Minors[1] (2)revis[...]
Microsoft Word document [15.6 KB]
Tournament Waiver for Single player, minor
Waiver and Release Form
Waiver_Release_for_single_minor[1] (1)re[...]
Microsoft Word document [16.2 KB]
Waiver Release
Waiver and Release Form
WaiverRelease[1] (2)revised.docx
Microsoft Word document [16.0 KB]
Waiver Release Form for Minors
Waiver and Release Form
WaiverRelease_for_Minors[1] (2)revised.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [16.5 KB]

Safety Tips

We’d also like to run though some basic safety guidelines:


  • Bring enough drinking water.
  • Bring sun protection for your outdoor game.
  • No alcohol or drug consumption before or during the game.
  • No pointy or sharp objects in your pockets.
  • Comfortable sport shoes (no studs) or barefoot (no sandals).
  • Our supervisor will demonstrate how to handle the Bubbles. Please follow their instructions carefully.
  • Don't tackle any person who isn't inside a Bubble.
  • Don't bump into another player with their backs turned and not expecting it.
  • Don’t attempt any activity you are not comfortable doing.
  • We recommend wearing bibs or same colored team wear.
  • Arrive early to allow some time for the instructions and a test run.

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If you have any questions about the bold new sporting phenomenon known as Bubble Ball Soccer, please contact Ultimate Bubble Balls at:


Ultimate Bubble Balls LLC

PO Box 588

Stockton, UT 84071


Phone: 435-255-7610

        or: 435-882-2764

Email: myubb7@gmail.com

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